Kenny Ali is back and is ready to take the rap world by storm all over again. The Youngstown, Ohio native has been working in the industry for over 20 years and is bringing his hard-hitting conscious rap back to the game with some new flair.

The rapper and producer grew up in Youngstown, and fell in love with rap at the age of six watching “Crush Groove.” Naming LL Cool J, Rakim, Redman, Big Daddy Kane, Nas and Jay-Z as some of his rap influences, he always had a passion for music and started to take his craft seriously at 13-years-old.


“I started cutting hair to make money so that I could afford studio time. It was important to me from a young age to invest in my own goals. I worked hard to make that happen,” says Kenny Ali.

From there, his career started to skyrocket after the releases of S.P.ecies and S.P.onage with rap conglomerate South Pōl. He then broke out on his own as a solo artist and released the critically acclaimed projects Def B4 Hishonor, Get From Round Me, The Chronic 2010 and Beyond Bars and tracks “Feelin U,” “Kinda Like A Big Deal, “Return of the MC” and more, which led him on the path to work with some of the industry’s best in hip hop including Joel Ortitz, Young Buck, Kool G Rap, C.L. Smooth and more. He has toured (with a live band) all over the country with Lil Scrappy, Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz, Pitbull, G-Unit, Common, Mint Condition, B.O.B. and more as well as at the Atlantis Music Conference and the CMJ.

Throughout his career, the lyricist has been signed to Affluent Records (2009) and has won first place to become Top Mics General sponsored by The Source and XXL, leading to a tour with the Top Mics campaign. Additionally, he was nominated as a part of the Ohio Hip Hop Awards for "Best Album" and "Best Live Performance,” resulting in a huge feature in Hip Hop Weekly as a part of their “Unsigned Hype" column.

The Ohio native has his state on his back. After the tragic death of Tamir Rice, the rapper was asked by his mother to write, produce and perform his song called "Lawless" at Tamir’s 13th birthday celebration, which received local praise and served as a very significant moment during a very tragic time.

With Kenny’s new music and album coming summer 2019, he hopes to pull in fans new and old with his witty punchlines and influential lyrics.

“I want to change the paradigm and shift how most people think. I want people to step outside of their box and comfort zones and get them to view and think of things a little less conventionally. I hope to influence the younger people in the game to go after their dreams. I want to offer profound soul-touching content that everyone can get something out of.”